Chemical Peels in Remedy Nashua, NH

We offer different chemical peels for different skin types. Get younger and healthier-looking skin with our chemical peels at Remedy Med Spa in Nashua, NH. Call or book an appointment today!

Chemical peels can be a good way to get healthier and younger-looking skin. Chemical peels are considered to be good for your skin. While the idea of putting a chemical on your skin sounds harsh and dangerous, chemical peels do not harm your skin. The peel will exfoliate your skin which allows for the skin to regenerate. This will leave the skin feeling softer and more smooth. It can reduce the appearance of sun damage, rosacea, acne scarring, texture issues, wrinkles tone problems, and other issues.

What chemical peels are offered at Remedy Med Spa?

ZO Stimulator Peel (aka Red Carpet Peel)

ZO 3-Step Peel

PRX T33 Peel

Remedy will have a consultation with you to discover what peel will be best for your skincare needs.

What kind of chemical peels are there?

Chemical peels come in different formulations and strengths. They often use acids as active ingredients, such as alpha-hydroxy acids and trichloroacetic acids. Other acids may also be used. The type of acid used will depend on what cosmetic treatment you are choosing to do.

Chemical peels are typed by how deeply they penetrate the skin. The type and depth of the peel will depend on your skin type and what concern you are wanting to address. Superficial or light peels provide the lightest penetration of the skin. They are often done as multiple treatments to address fine wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth. Light peels work well with most skin types and are good for people with sensitive skin.

Medium peels are better for people who have moderate skin damage, like age spots, actinic keratoses, or freckles. These treatments are often paired with laser treatments.

Deep peels are more aggressive and impact the skin more deeply than the other formulations. Deep peels are not common, today. They have been replaced with new laser technologies that can deliver better results with more precision. These are also available at Remedy Med Spa.


When will you see results from a chemical peel?

The results of a chemical peel are not instant. They develop over time as the skin regenerates. This will usually take at least two weeks. The length of time that it takes the results to be quite noticeable will depend on what type of peel you get. With a light or medium peel, you should notice results in about two weeks. With a deeper type of peel, the results may take three weeks or longer. Results will depend on the patient’s skin and how the patient does aftercare and their own healing ability.

Results from a chemical peel should last a long time. Light and medium peels will have results for months. Results from deeper peels can last a year or longer. Repeating the procedure will add to the results and the length of time that the results last. At Remedy Med Spa, we can help you decide which peel will work best for you.

At Remedy Med Spa, we offer different chemical peels, including the PRX T33 biorevitalization. This peel works without exfoliation.

To find out more about the chemical peel options and other cosmetic procedures that are available, please give the helpful and friendly staff a call.