Cough and Cold Remedy

If you feel a cold or cough coming on, come see us at Remedy. Our cough and cold IV treatment will help you feel better soon.

Cough and cold remedy

Cough and Cold Remedy

IV therapy restores nutrients lost during your illness. In addition, it can also shorten the duration of your cold or flu.

Ingredients of the Cough and Cold Remedy

  • High Dose Vitamin C – A concentrated dose of Vitamin C to supercharge your immune system and help your body fight off illness.
  • Vitamin D -Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and neuroprotective properties support immune health, muscle function and brain cell activity.
  • Zinc -Helps your immune system and metabolism function.
  • Low Dose Benadryl – Helps relieve sneezing, runny nose and coughs.