PRF Facial Treatment

Experience the power of PRF Facial Treatment and unlock the secret to radiant, youthful skin.

PRF Facials

Harnessing the natural healing abilities of Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF), this non-surgical procedure stimulates collagen production, revitalizes your complexion, and restores your skin’s natural glow. Rediscover your beauty with PRF Facial Treatment today!



PRF or platelet-rich fibrin facials use your own protein-rich fibrin to help rejuvenate your skin. The protein-rich plasma is what contains your own platelets that will be used on your face. The components that are separated from your blood are placed on your face and then a microneedle is used to work the serum into your skin. Once the plasma is worked into your skin it begins to work naturally at rejuvenating your skin. It tightens the skin, leaving a smoother texture and a younger look. The PRF components will stimulate collagen growth which will increase the elasticity of the skin.

Some people will choose to have just one treatment but, this system works much better with repeated treatments. After each treatment, you will have longer-lasting and better results. The best results will start to show after repeated treatments over a three to six-month period.

PRF treatments are popular because they have a positive impact on your look. They are safe because you are using your own plasma for the treatment. Pain and discomfort are surprisingly minimal.

PRF facials can help you look younger and healthier in a short period of time. Many people still have concerns related to the procedure. Our staff at Remedy Med Spa will be happy to help you understand the procedure much better. Here are a few things you may want to know before you come in.

A small sample of your blood will be taken by a medical team member. It is placed in a centrifuge, which will separate the plasma and platelets that will be used for the treatment. It is the protein-rich plasma that stimulates collagen production when it is incorporated into your skin.

A topical cream will be used to number the area that will be treated. This will be followed by a serum that you and your specialist have decided to use to keep your skin fully hydrated. After the hydration is done, the plasma is worked into the skin. While the micro-needling will stimulate collagen growth without the plasma, it works much better with PRF.

Results may take some time to show up. This will depend on how your body heals and each person is different. Most people will notice that their skin is tighter and skin is a little brighter in just a few days. Results will usually last for several months. Some people will choose to have multiple treatments to get better and longer-lasting results. Some people will have four to six treatments at two-week intervals. This helps to improve the look of larger wrinkles, scarring, and other skin damage.

PRF facials help you to look younger by stimulating the natural healing process and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. This can bring about the reduction of acne scars, lines wrinkles, stretch marks, and other types of scars. It also brings about better skin texture and tone.

To find out more about how PRF facials work and what they can do for you, please call Remedy Med Spa and talk with one of our specialists. If you want to look and feel younger, the PRP facial can help with that. It is minimally invasive and easy to do.